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    The Android software development process describes the process of creating applications that run on Android-based devices.

    A number of languages developers can use to write Android applications, such as Kotlin, Java, C++, and the Android software development kit (SDK). In the same way as iOS, Android has enormous earning potential for app and game developers.

    A fully-featured Android application involves more than just creating it and uploading it to Google Play. Planning and research are important elements of this process. For an application to be successful, it must follow several steps correctly. Your Android application should work as per the intended audience, purpose, and required functions. In order to make sure your application is competitive, you should also conduct thorough market research. Application testing is the next step after development. To ensure that the application functions correctly without errors, QA engineers must thoroughly examine it.

    Following testing, you can release your application to the market and upload it to Google Play. However, your work is not over even after you have added your app to the store. Maintaining an application is as important as maintaining any kind of software. It must be technically supported, improved, and enhanced.In light of the above factors, it is extremely important to find a professional firm to handle your Android app development project.

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    Biggest Pool Of Users

    Android offers the biggest pool of users all over the world.

    Well Supported Platform

    Android gets timely security updates from Google.

    Multiple Platforms

    Android supports tablets, wearables, fitness trackers, and mobile phones.


    Full-featured Android Application Development With Modern Features

    iHunTech provides Android app development services to startups, small businesses, and companies. Developing custom, highly functional, fully functional, and elegant Android apps for Android devices has been our expertise for years. We get recognition as one of the best Android development companies in the USA and Canada. With our custom-tailored Android apps, we can help you reach over a billion active devices. We help you stay competitive in the fiercely competitive mobile application market.

    With us, you'll get the best team of certified developers who are well-trained. You get a team whose skill sets always match your project specifications. Once you hire us, they begin working for you efficiently and with dedication.

    With our Android mobile application development services, you will get a full-cycle approach. These include prototyping, discovery, design of user interfaces and user experience, programming, testing, and launch on Google Play. As part of our post-launch support & maintenance, we ensure that your app is always updated. It is to make sure that it reflects rapid changes in technology and user needs.

    We will always elevate your capacities and provide you with relevant expertise. Apps that we build include enterprise mobile apps, social networking apps, and e-commerce apps. Apart from these, we also develop mobile applications for IoT-enabled devices, and augmented reality apps. We have significant experience building mobile-ready solutions for the AR industry too.

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    Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, GUI & UX Designing.

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