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    Software developers use web development framework to create and manage web applications, web services, and websites with efficiency.

    Recent years have seen a growing interest in web development frameworks as they provide a straightforward approach to developing custom web apps. Frameworks make it easier for developers to code quickly by providing a simplified representation of the supported languages. Developers also benefit from increasingly intuitive and responsive coding. Frameworks for web development are generally designed to make the code more readable and reusable.

    The use of web frameworks generally leads to rapid development with fewer coding challenges. Presently, Angular JS, Laravel, Codelgniter, and Ruby on Rails, etc, are the top web frameworks going around.

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    Codelgniter is a PHP MVC framework that allows rapid development of web applications. It provides libraries that allow you to perform many actions, like connecting to databases, uploading files, managing sessions, etc.ColdeIgniter can ensure that websites run smoothly without the presence of bugs. Many benefits are available from it, including customizability, user-friendliness, and a high level of security.


    The popular open-source framework Laravel is one of the most popular choices for developing websites. It's a powerful tool for constructing an exceptional CMS or Web application that meets specific needs. With Laravel, you can make MVC (model-view-controller)-based websites. Low cost, high security, integration with mail services, and user support make it the ideal tool for web development.


    PHP framework Yii2 offers high performance for developing web applications rapidly. There are no limitations with YII2. It is a quick development platform with ease of setup, a powerful community for support, and a shorter development cycle. It offers all the tools a developers might need along with strong IT community. Among all PHP fameworks it offers most complete set of features


    With its MVC architecture, Symfony is one of the most popular PHP frameworks among open-source developers. Web developers use it to create high-performance and complex web applications. The main benefit of Symfony is that it saves time by not annoying the developer with overly complex coding. It saves developers time so they can concentrate on the core and advanced functionalities of the application.


    Why Choose iHuntech For Framework development Practices

    >> Smart code use leads to the shortest possible development cycle, saving both time and money.

    >> Highly skillful in the modern technologies of the framework such as Laravel, YII2, Symfony, Codelgniter, and RNR.

    >> Teams of certified framework developers trained in the most trending and modern tools and technologies.

    >> Simple and highly effective process to get your task complete from beginning to end.

    >> Highly competitive pricing as per the feature set offered

    >> Post-completion support and maintenance for the completed tasks as per the agreed terms and conditions.


    We can assist you in Website Services, E-commerce solutions, CMS Websites, Mobile App development, Custom Application development, Internet
    Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, GUI & UX Designing.

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