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    Test Your Apps On All Parameters & Identify Their Weaknesses

    The purpose of load testing is to simulate workloads by performing various tests. It involves testing the behavior of software products when a large number of users are communicating with them. It is usually associated with web applications and multi-user systems.

    Load testing measures the response time of a site or application when it goes under stress. With load testing, many users (10, 50, 500, etc.) go through testing together to find out when, how, and why issues occur. There is no limit to how many users can simulate on a site.

    Testing your environment before production begins is important if you want it to meet your performance and availability requirements.

    It is possible to identify issues in the early stages of development so that they do not become expensive issues. In addition, load tests allow you to identify differences in performance under load and check code changes.

    Using these tests, you can tell when a site is experiencing high latency or breaks due to overuse. You can find out how much "load" a server can handle without affecting response times. By analyzing the performance of applications, you can identify bottlenecks and problem areas (such as insufficient hardware resources). The client also gets a better understanding of how the system handles requests from different geographical locations.

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    Check The Performance

    One can find out how much stress a server, app, or software can handle without affecting response time from a normal user perspective in the real world scenerio.

    Measure Latency

    By using load testing, you can diagnose problems with a site's latency. It helps determine if a software has broken due to overload.

    Identify Problems Early

    Load testing opens the door to early detection of errors & bugs. Identifying issues in the early stages of development save money in the long run


    Experienced & Skilled Load Testing Services

    With iHuntech, you can perform detailed load testing. There is only one way to determine whether your application is ready for user input when it is nearly complete. It requires specialized tools and agencies to conduct load testing to obtain that information. Load testing simulates demand on software, an application, or a website. By doing this, it can demonstrate how the software, application, or website will behave in the real world conditions. Furthermore, a reliable load runner tool is useful for assessing the strength of a website based on several parameters. Our professionals rely on the latest testing methods, tools, and software to conduct accurate load testing.

    In order to reduce system failures, bugs, and performance downgrades, we manage your design from start to finish. You also will receive suggestions to optimize your site once you complete testing. An accurate description of errors and timely reporting is necessary to improve products & we help you with that.

    “Simulating The Real World's Load Environment Is Key To Spotting Bugs In Advance! Find The Best in Business Professionals With Us For The Load Testing Services.”


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