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    The process of manual testing involves executing test cases manually, without the use of any automated tools. Every test case is manually run by the tester based on the end user's perspective. By testing, you can determine if the application is working as mentioned in the requirement document.

    Testers can find visible bugs as well as hidden bugs in software via manual testing. This is an important method of testing. In manual testing, when the software output differs from the expected output, it is a defect that needs correction. Having fixed the defect, the developer then gives the project to the tester for further testing.

    The first step before the automated testing of any new software is to do manual testing. It takes a great deal of time and effort to carry out manual testing. But it is the only way to ensure that the software is free from bugs. It is not necessary to have expertise in automated testing tools for manual testing.

    An application coming into the market can have a bug or be unstable, or create a problem for users while in use. We must do one round of manual testing that ensures the application is stable and free of bugs if we want to avoid these kinds of problems.

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    Check Expected Output

    Manual testing ensures that the actual output as per the requirement document meets the expected one.

    Find Out Bugs:

    Manual testing finds out the bugs and errors in the software, site, or developed app.

    Continuous Improvement:

    It helps spot the flaws easily. It paves way for the continuous cycle of improvement.


    Professional, & Budget-Friendly Manual Testing Services

    Using iHunTech manual testing services ensures that we deliver your tested product without any defects and within a short timeframe. We also design test cases that we integrate into mobile, web, and desktop applications testing procedures. Our services include end-to-end manual testing services to meet your functional testing requirements. We go about it using best practices in manual software testing, in-house accelerators, and expertise in industry-leading functional testing tools. As part of our unique testing methodology, we utilize top-notch manual testing tools to offer our clients continuous improvements. Our client rate us as the best manual testing company in USA and Canada

    Manual software testing involves coordinating test case designs and execution with business requirements. Our responsibilities also include providing our clients with regular reports and dashboards that reflect the results of their testing.

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