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    Test Your Critical Apps Before Launching Them

    Today, organizations have a tough time maintaining the performance level of their critical applications. A company's productivity, sales, and quality goes down when it is unable to predict system behavior under real-life stress conditions. In order to overcome these challenges, software performance testing has become a necessary requirement. The results of performance tests determine how a system behaves and responds under different circumstances. You might want to know about several situations. Like if a system can run with 1,000 users together, what would happen if the number grows to 100,000. Performance testing measures high speed, flexibility, and stability. Performance tests simulate different possible scenarios for users. Each simulating a different type of test. Some of these tests are Stress Testing, Peak Testing , & Endurance testing .

    Testing your system under extreme load conditions will reveal the breaking point of your system. Performing stress testing will reveal it. In addition, these tests check how it responds to normal usage.

    Generally, endurance testing involves testing conducted over a several-day period or over the course of an overnight period. It is the goal of these tests (a.k.a. soak, reliability, or duration tests) to detect errors that tests may not find out. The peak test simulates the busiest periods of your server. Thus, you can determine how it will perform when it is busy. During peak testing, the load and duration are heavier than in endurance testing

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    Check Server Capacity

    Performance testing reveals a lot about the server capacity. One can determine server load taking capacity with it.

    Measure Stability

    Performance testing is an excellent way to determine the stability and flexibility of a developed piece of software, or website.

    Know Your Code

    In-depth code testing leads to finding bugs during development process that may be occurring due to coding errors.


    Testing Services With In-Depth Controls And Capabilities

    iHunTech is one of the most renowned performance testing companies in the United States. We can generate a variety of custom analytics. These range from the maximum number of users an app can handle to how quickly different pages load. Our performance testing service can examine your site for code errors that may grow into bigger problems in the future.

    Both manual testing and performance testing are the responsibility of our team. We also set up scripts for testing performance consistently. Due to our performance testing, the sites that we check for errors are able to handle the increased traffic. Because of this, they can focus on growing their user base. For new or existing products, we can test their performance at a low cost. Moreover, we offer our services without restricting ourselves to national boundaries. We cater to clients from all continents & every corner of the world 24*7.

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